2023 OGA Annual Awards

By Oregon Golf Association

Since 2004 the OGA has been recognizing some of the top contributions to the game of golf at many levels and we’re extremely proud to continue that tradition by honoring our 2023 OGA Annual Awards as announced during the OGA Annual Meeting.

OGA Handicap Chair of the Year - Peter Berger, Salishan Golf Links

Peter-Berger-OGA-Award-Handicap-ChairThe 2023 Handicap Chair of the Year is Peter Berger, a dedicated member of Salishan Golf Links. Peter happened to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time when Salishan’s Director of Golf, Tom Graves, approached him, knowing he was one of those rare individuals who is perfect for the position of Handicap Chair. In a weak moment following two complimentary Bloody Marys, Peter volunteered, and we are very lucky that thus far he has failed to dupe anyone into replacing him. We honor Peter for his capacity and willingness to learn a difficult subject while always maintaining his unique brand of humor, and to break ground at his club with policies and procedures never before put in place. Peter consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for his club, the OGA, and the World Handicap System (WHS) in hammering – rather, encouraging – members to post their scores on the day of play. Peter has also shown his creativity and writing ability in creating a website where the members can view monthly scores posted and Most Improved Golfer reports, as well as read his hilarious and informative handicapping articles. We are fortunate that Peter has no other hobbies to take time away from his obsession with golf, and this has somehow trickled down to handicapping. Congratulations to Peter Berger, our 2023 Handicap Chair of the Year!

OGA Superintendent of the Year - Dan Imes, OGA Golf Course

Dan-Imes-OGA-Award-SuperintendentDan was chosen as Superintendent of the Year for his unwavering commitment to his team and delivering a high-quality golf course for all OGA Members and guests to enjoy. Dan has had an abundance of challenges placed on his plate in 2023 including the responsibility of limiting on-course disruption from an adjacent housing development. Most impressively, he managed to spearhead these projects in addition to his normal day-to-day operations of maintaining the golf course with a very small crew of full-time and seasonal staff.  

Ryan Garry, General Manager of the OGA Golf Course, had this to share about Dan and many of the challenges he conquered this year:

 “Dan took all of this in stride. Never once did he complain, he simply took on every challenge to see that the OGA Golf Course would remain an asset to the OGA and all OGA Members for many years to come. Dan worked tirelessly during the hot summer months to water tees and greens by hand after hours, he adopted new maintenance procedures to enhance the playability of the golf course, he dealt with countless challenges that were presented to him and his team, all while barely finding time to take a day off. There aren’t many people I respect more than Dan Imes. He has an endless work ethic and his commitment to the Oregon Golf Association is ingrained in what he does day in and day out.”

Congratulations to Dan Imes on being selected as the OGA Superintendent of the Year.

OGA Member Club of the Year - Summerfield Women’s Golf & CC

Summerfield-Womens-Club-OGA-AwardSummerfield Women’s Golf Club was chosen as Member Club of the Year for their dedication to community, charity, and member engagement. Summerfield Women’s Golf Club is a pivotal part of the Tigard community and is currently a club of 110+ members who as a group operate an extensive tournament schedule and social events. 

One event in particular that Summerfield Women’s GC and current Member Barbara Kelly continue to organize is the “Summerfield Women’s Golf Club Charity Event.” The event serves as a fundraiser for “Caring Closet” which is currently housed out of the Tigard/Tualatin School District. Caring Closets main mission is to provide clothing, bedding, and other necessary products to ensure all local students have access to the same necessities and can attend school confidently. Earlier this summer the golf club concluded another successful fundraiser for Caring Closet, raising an impressive $19,000 dollars. The event was made possible by over 45 volunteers, local business support, and the organizers Summerfield Women’s GC and Barbara Kelly. Congratulations to Summerfield Women’s Golf Club on being selected as OGA Club of the Year.

OGA Member of the Year - Akbar Chisti, Rock Creek Country Club/Seamus Golf

Akbar-Chisti-OGA-Award-Member-YearAkbar Chisti was chosen as Member of the Year for his generous support of golf in our region and his continued dedication to the OGA, Oregon Junior Golf, and golfers everywhere. Along with his wife, Megan, he is the co-owner and CEO of Seamus Golf, one of the most notable golf brands in the country, partnering with the likes of the USGA, Masters, and PGA Tour players. A current member of Rock Creek Country Club, Akbar's love of golf started at a young age when his father introduced him. He was a caddie at Bandon Dunes in the early 2000's and even caddied during the 1996 US Amateur at Pumpkin Ridge. Akbar has shown tremendous support for the OGA and its initiatives, continuously providing premium gifts to our tournament players and showing support for our region's largest professional and amateur events. Most recently, Akbar has been a driving force behind the proposed OGA License Plate project, an exciting opportunity to showcase golf in Oregon and provide long-term funding for Oregon Junior Golf. Back in 2020, Akbar, Megan, and the Seamus Golf team rose to the challenges faced by the pandemic, shifting from sewing headcovers to making thousands of masks for frontline workers and donating to many organizations in need of protection. His passion for serving his community and growing the game of golf make him the perfect recipient of this year's award. 

Thank you, Akbar, for your continued support and congratulations on being selected as the OGA Member of the Year.

OGA Facility of the Year - Illahe Hills Country Club

Illahe-Hills-OGA-Award-Facility-YearIllahe received the "Facility of the Year" award for the simple reason they stepped up on numerous occasions to support golf in Oregon and Southwest Washington. This has involved hosting major junior and adult amateur tournaments, as well as hosting this year's OGA Annual Meeting.

 As we have worked with the leadership at Illahe over the last year, they have always been interested in supporting golf in Oregon and, in particular, junior golf.  On top of its own substantial junior golf programs, Illahe has hosted the OGA Junior Tournament of Champions for three straight years. Looking forward to 2026, Illahe is slated to host the Girls Juniors America's Cup, a 54 hole event consisting of 18 teams and each time consisting of the top 4 girls from each state/country.  It has done so because, to state the obvious, junior golf is very important to the future of the sport all of us love — and this award recognizes that.

Thank you, Illahe, for all you do to support golf in our area and congratulations on being selected as the OGA Facility of the Year.