Centennial Feature: Waverley Country Club

By Oregon Golf Association

As part of a special series celebrating the centennial of the Oregon Golf Association (OGA), we embark on a journey to explore the rich history of golf clubs that have played pivotal roles in shaping the golfing landscape in our region. Join us each month as we uncover the stories of golf clubs that have left an indelible mark on the OGA's centennial celebration. Through this series, we aim to honor the legacy of these clubs, their contributions to the Oregon golfing community, and the enduring spirit that has shaped the game for a century. To kick off this series, our inaugural feature showcases the venerable Waverley Country Club in Portland.

1904-Waverley-Clubhouse-Circa-1905Founded in 1896, Waverley Country Club has stood the test of time, adapting to changing times while remaining true to its commitment to golf, recreation, and community. The club's roots trace back to a group of Portland's citizens who shared a passion for golf and sought to create a haven for like-minded individuals. The club's first golf course, a nine-hole layout, was crafted on a parcel of land in the southeast part of Portland. As the popularity of golf grew in the early 20th century, Waverley Country Club underwent expansions and improvements to meet the increasing demand.

The club’s storied history in Portland extends beyond its reputation as a premier country club as it played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Oregon Golf Association. In the early 20th century, as the popularity of golf continued to rise in the Pacific Northwest, Waverley Country Club recognized the need for a unified organization to oversee and promote the sport at the state level. In 1924, Waverley Country Club, along with Tualatin Country Club and Portland Golf Club, joined forces to form the Oregon Golf Association. This collaboration aimed to create a centralized body that would govern and advance the game of golf across the state. Waverley Country Club’s involvement in the founding of the OGA underscores its commitment not only to its own members but also to the broader golfing community in Oregon. The OGA became a vital platform for organizing tournaments, establishing standardized rules, and fostering camaraderie among golf enthusiasts throughout the state.

Centennial-Feature-Waverley-Hanse-RoutingAs a founding member of the OGA, Waverley Country Club contributed to the foundation of a robust golfing culture in Oregon. The association's efforts over the years have included promoting junior golf, organizing championships, and supporting the overall development of golf courses in the region. Waverley Country Club's ongoing involvement with the OGA demonstrates its enduring commitment and highlights the club's role not only as a local institution but also as a proactive participant in the broader golfing landscape. The club’s founding membership in the Oregon Golf Association is a testament to its dedication to the sport beyond its own course as the club's influence reaches beyond its fairways, echoing in the statewide efforts to promote and elevate the game of golf.

In 2023, Waverley Country Club held the U.S. Senior Women’s Open which was won by Trish Johnson of England. It was the club’s eighth USGA championship having previously served as host site for the U.S. Women’s Amateur (1952, 1981, 2000), the U.S. Senior Amateur (1964), the U.S. Amateur Championships (1970), the U.S. Junior Amateur (1993) and the U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur (2017).

To learn more about Waverley Country Club, visit their website which includes detailed information about their storied history since its inception in 1896.Centennial-Feature-Waverley-Clubhouse