Centennial Feature: Tualatin Country Club

By Oregon Golf Association

Tualatin Country Club - Circa 1914Welcome to the next installment of our monthly series exploring the unique narratives behind some of the Oregon Golf Association’s member clubs. In this edition, we delve into the history, character, and legacy of Tualatin Country Club. Join us as we uncover the story of this institution, where well-manicured greens and genuine camaraderie converge to create memorable experiences for members and guests alike.

Tualatin Country Club traces its roots back to 1912, when a group of avid golfers pooled their resources and hired famous golf course architect, H. Chandler Egan to develop a course on pristine terrain. The club’s origins are intertwined with a poignant period in social history, as it is a historically Jewish country club that was established at a time when Jewish members were excluded from other social clubs in the city. Determined to create a space where all could enjoy the game of golf, the founding members of Tualatin Country Club embraced inclusivity as a core principle from the outset. Through sheer determination and collaboration, they laid the groundwork for what would become a backbone of the local golfing community. 

Throughout history, there are three key individuals that shaped Tualatin Country Club into the establishment that it is today, also helping shape the Oregon Golf Association. First, Ed Neustadter – although no records exist today of the original formative meetings, later minutes and correspondence credit Neustadter with being a cornerstone in the formation of the OGA. Second, Dr. Millard Rosenblatt (along with Oscar Furuset) would serve as OGA chief officer from 1938 through World War II – sustaining the organization through rough times. Third, former OGA Historian Bob McReynolds – without his work, much of the OGA history would have been lost over the course of time. McReynolds got his start in golf as a caddie at Tualatin, where he would ultimately receive an honorary Membership from club members and leadership.

Tualatin Country Club has undergone several renovations and improvements aimed at enhancing the overall golfing experience. From a course redesign in 1992 by the Fought/Cupp Design firm to continual upgrades by Dan Hixson, the club has consistently prioritized investments to bolster the enjoyment and satisfaction of its members. Tualatin Country Club has also had the opportunity to host many competitive events, including the Oregon Amateur Championship, PNWPGA Shootout, Pacific Northwest PGA Assistants Championship, and several local US Open qualifiers. It continues to be a point of great pride that John Fought, the 1977 U.S. Amateur Champion, grew up at the club and remains a member today.

Today, Tualatin Country Club continues to honor their legacy by fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion, where individuals from all backgrounds come together to share their passion for golf and forge meaningful connections on and off the course. This commitment to openness and acceptance has not only shaped the club's culture but also serves as a beacon of progressiveness within the Oregon golf community. 

In summary, golf in Oregon has many reasons to be thankful to Tualatin Country Club. From the forming of the OGA (Ed Neustadter) and sustaining the organization through rough times (Dr. Millard Rosenblatt), to recording its rich history (Bob McReynolds) and finally instigating big time tournament golf in Oregon (John Fought-Pumpkin Ridge), Tualatin has had a significant hand in moving the game of golf forward across the state.